There are heaps of activities you can do every day. Some are free, some are not.

Free Dailies

Pet Dailies

Paid Dailies

Missions and Quests

Missions and Quests are a great way to earn MPs and items.



Goals, Temples and Fairies

Goals and Temples are another great way to earn points and items, as well as pet stats and Account Upgrade Credits.
Fairies will reward you on your achivements and collections.




Train Your Pet

To gain the most from this game it pays to train your pet.

Swing by the Weights Gym and pay with crystals to let your pets workout and train their strength, speed, health and other stats.
Elite Gym
Train your pet's coordination, stamina and balance at the Elite Gym using diamonds to ready your pet for the Olympics.
Enroll your pets in the School to teach them basic skills needed for future jobs. Regular attendance is important for good grades!
Use scholarships to get your pet a place at the University, where it can study a variety of subjects to better its education.