Miscellaneous Help

What should I do if someone asks me for my password?
If anyone ever asks for your password report them immediately

How do I report someone?
Click "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page and submit a Support Ticket to report a Maramail. Do not delete the mail.
You can also report Forum posts by clicking the "report" button on their Forum post.

What is a Marasite and how do I get one?
A Marasite is where you can make Marapets related web pages.
You can make one by clicking the Community link in the top navigation bar and then selecting Mara Sites.
You will need to know basic HTML.

What and Where is the Advent Calendar?
The Advent Calendar is located in Biala.
You can go there once every day throughout December.

What is a Wishlist?
You can find your Wishlist on your Profile.
Click on the item category and then
click the item you want to add to your wishlist.

How do I put Stamps in my Album?
Go to your inventory and click on the stamp. Click Use.
Once stamps are put in your album you cannot remove them.
For a full list of stamps click here .

How do the High Score Tables work?
There are High Score Tables for most things including Quests, Avatars, Games, Collections and even for Pet Stats.

What is Marapets Time or MST?
Marapets time is shown at the top of the page or by visiting the Clock Tower in the Undying Woods. It is a standard time so that everyone knows what time certain things happen, regardless of their time zone. MST is the same time as Pacific Time Zone.