Currency Help

Questions and Answers about MPs, BPs, RPs and Dukka Coins.

What are Mps? Mps are the main currency used on Marapets.
How can I earn MPs? Play Games, complete Quests and Missions or sell items in your Shop.You can also train your pets and get them a job so they earn daily wages.
How can I win MPs? There are a few things you can do to try and win MPs including Sword in the Stone, Raffle, Lottery, Tombola, Snap and One in a Million.
What are BPs? BPs are the currency of the Light Side.
How can I earn BPs? Battle opponents in the One Player Battle Arena to earn BPs.
How can I win BPs? Play Tombola, Snap and Scratchcards.
What are RPs? RPs are the currency of the Dark Side.
How can I earn RPs? Complete Leprechaun quests or buy items from the main shops.
How can I win RPs? There are a few things you can do to try and win RPs including playing Extract Enpiah in Enpiah, scratchcards and Eleka Tombola.
What are Dukka Coins? Dukka Coins are Pirate currency used in Dukka Town and the Pirate Ship.
How can I earn Dukka Coins? You can't earn Dukka Coins but you can buy them from user shops, trades and auctions.
How can I win Dukka Coins? Play Scratchcards and Dukka Dash.
How do I change the size of the Dukka Coins? To buy an item using a Dukka Coin you need the right size coin. Click on the Coin in your inventory and "use" it to add it to the Dukka Coin Exchange. Go to Dukka Town Coin Exchange to withdraw the coins you need. There is a 10% tax for exchanging coins larger than Nine Dukkas.