Marahome Help

Questions and Answers about Marahomes.

Where is my Marahome? Unfortunately, Marahomes no longer exist.
So Why do I have an Attic for? You still need an attic as a safe place to store items that you don't want to sell. Items kept in your inventory can be lost in random events.
Why can't I get into my Attic? Your "marahome" is probably broken. You cannot access your attic until it is fixed.
How do I repair it? Go to the Tool Shop in Dukka Caves and buy the tool you need to make the repairs. Then go to your inventory and click on the item and use it. Tools are single use items. If you have the wrong tool it will still disappear if you use it so make sure you have the right one.
Should I keep tools in my attic? You can keep spare tools in your Tool Box. Click on the tool in your inventory and click "toolbox".
How do I know which Tool I need to use? Here is a full list of tools and what they are used for.
How do I pay my Power Bill? Go to The City and click on the Power Station to pay your electricity bill.
What will happen if I don't pay my Power Bill? If you don't pay your power bill your pet will go to Jail.