FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions we receive from players regarding their account.

I think I've been hacked
Go to http://www.marapets.com/preferences.php and change your password immediately.
Do not tell ANYONE your password. Do not make it a word that is easy to guess. Never leave your account logged in if you are away from your computer and someone else may have access to it. When you have changed your password click Contact Us at the bottom of the page and send in a support ticket listing what is missing and a staff member check it out.

I have lost my password
You need to email [email protected] from the same email address that is registered to your Marapets account and request a password reset. If you can't use the email you signed up with you should at least tell them what that email address was. They will not give out a password if they are not sure you are the owner of the account and they will ask for proof of account ownership.

Why is it important to have my correct email address on my account?
If you lose your password or your account is hacked you will need to contact [email protected] from the email address that is registered to your account to prove you are the owner of the account.

I have not received the AU credits I purchased
If you have not received your credits within 48 hours you should email [email protected] with the date, amount and receipt number of your purchase. Remember to include your Marapets account name in your email and if you could attach a copy of your receipt that would also help. If you used a different email address for PayPal please let us know so that we can save time by searching for the correct email address in PayPal.

It keeps telling me my shop isn't big enough but it is
Try putting an item into your shop, directly from the attic, using the 'shop' button. That should fix the problem.

I can't create any more pets even though I have room
Click the Pets icon at the top of the page to go to your pets page. Above your pets, where it says "You have a total of x Pets" click on that link there and it will reset the counter.

I got a Hieroglyphic from University but it's not in my inventory
Hieroglyphyics just take a while to turn up. If you add another item to your inventory it will update the cache and make it show up.

Can I change my username?
You can change your username with a Username Certificate. These are on sale at the Account Upgrades Shop for 10 AU credits. You might also find them in Trades.

Can I switch to a new account?
If you want to make a new account and transfer pets, items and mps to the new account you can do so but first read the following very carefully.

  • Before you move anything to the new account you must send in a support ticket advising us of your new account name and that you are starting to transfer. You cannot move "fixed" things like avatars, referrals, stamp album, wardrobe, etc.
  • Wait for a reply to your support ticket before moving anything.
  • Once you have finished transferring you must contact us again from your old account and let us know to freeze the account.
  • Since you are only allowed one account you must get your old account frozen as soon as possible and you must not use both accounts to do dailies, etc.
  • After transferring to the new account you WILL NOT be allowed back to this account later if you change your mind so make sure you really want to transfer before making the new account.
It keeps saying I'm offline when I'm online
There is nothing staff can do about the online/offline glitch. Only Ian can fix that.

I want to use Mail, Clubs and Forums
Players under 13 years of age are required, by law, to send us the signed parental consent form if they want access to mail, clubs and forums on this site. Please print out the Parental Consent form, get your parents to complete and sign the form by hand, then scan the form and email it to [email protected]. If you don't have a scanner a photo of the completed form will do.

The Join Club link isn't working
You can only be in one club at a time so check your profile to see if you are already in a club. If you are, then you need to leave/delete that club before you can join a new one.