Minipets Help

Questions and Answers about Minipets.

What is a Minipet? Minipets are pets for your pet and they are availabe in the minipet shop on Minipet Island.
How can I change the colour of my minipet?
Minipets can change colour at Fasoro Falls in Slater Park. You can also wrap a ball of yarn around your minipet to change it's colour. Balls of Yarn are earned randomly when completing Farm Quests.
How many different minipets are there? For a full list of available minipets click here.
How do I make my minipet happy, fed, etc? Use the items in your marahome such as bed, toilet, cooker, etc to look after your minipets.
Can Minipets die? No minipets can't die.
What is a DNA minipet? DNA minipets are mutated creations of 2 pets and DNA. For more information click here.
Where can I get DNA? Different colours of DNA are available from certain places around the site. Click here for a list of where DNA is available.
What is an Organic minipet? Organic minipets are like small plants that can be grown in pots. You will need to plant seeds at the Gardening Shed in Gigantic Paradise. You will need to water your seeds using a full pot. You can fill your pot at Lush Lake with a Lush Lake Ticket. You will then need to fertilise your seed with Fertiliser which you can buy at the Account Upgrade shop or from Trades and Auctions. If you are really lucky you might win a Fertliser at the Pipe Dream game.
What is an Undying Minipet? Undying Minipets can be created using Blood and Bones. You need a complete set of 5 bones and blood all of the same colour to create the minipet.
Where can I get Bones? You can go Grave Robbing every 3 hours when the Grave Keeper is sleeping. If you get caught all your pet will be sent to jail.
When does the Grave Keeper Sleep? The Grave Keeper sleeps for an hour at 12am, 3am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm MST.
Where can I get Blood? You can currently get Blood from account upgrades or other user shops, trades and auctions.
Where do I go to create the Undying Minipet? Go to Undying Minipets in the Undying Woods.