Shops Help

Questions and Answers about User Shops.

How do I make a shop? You already have a Shop. Click Shops in the top navigation bar to get to your shop and use the Edit Shop link in red to edit your shop.
How do I put items in my Shop? Click on the item in your inventory and click "shop" or use the QuickStock function. You need to put a price on the items before they show up in your Shop.
How do I price the items in my Shop? Go to your shop, click "Edit Shop Stock" and enter the price for each item Update.
How can I check item prices? You can click the Check Price button or go to the Shop Search.
How can I make my shop appear higher on the Shop Search? You need to increase the size of your shop. Go to Edit Shop and click the "Upgrade" button.
How do I withdraw marapoints from my till? Go to your shop and click the Shop Till link, then enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Withdrawing marapoints from your till will clear your sales history.
Can I use my shop as a Gallery? No you can't. All shop items are buyable. You have a separate gallery where you can show off your collection.
What is a Blog and how do I get one? A blog is a picture with a text box which you can use to decorate your shop. Click here for a full list of Blogs and how to get them.
When do the Shops Restock? The shops restock every minute but each shop only restocks every 5 minutes.
Restock times
Does the Charity Shop restock at the same time? No, the Charity Shop restocks one minute before the rest of the shops.
How can I trade items with other players? You can make trades with other players at the Trading barn in Gigantic Paradise.
How do I put an item up for Auction? Go to your inventory and click on the item you wish to auction. Fill in the details regarding starting price, minimum increment and length of auction. You can check on the progress of your auction at the Auctions House.

My auction is finished but I don't have the item/points. Auctions are usually processed immediately but at times, when the site is very busy, the auction processing is paused and processing may take a little longer. Check Auction Status.