Battling Help

A brief guide to battling.

Where is the Battle Arena? The Battle Arena is on Minipet Island.
How do I increase my pet's stats? Train your pet at the Gym on Minipet Island.
How can I find One-Player Challengers? Buy trading cards from the Trading Card Shop
in the Undying Woods and put them in you Card Deck. Click on the item in your Inventory and "use" it. Once added to your deck it cannot be removed.
How many One-Player Challengers are there? Check this list of Trading Cards to see the Challengers.
How can I heal my pet after battle? Take your pet to the Healing Pit in Jenoa.
Where can I buy Weapons for my pet? Buy weapons from the Weapons Shop in the Undying Woods or from users shops, trades and auctions.
Where can I buy Armour for my pet? Buy armour from the Armour Shop in the Jenoa or from users shops, trades and auctions.
How can my pet gain more Magic Stats? Complete Computer Quests, Visit the Ice Caves in Biala (this will require a completed Christmas Treasure map) or visit Eleka Fountain in Eleka's Castle (this can also make all your pets sick).

For more battling help try gennie's Battle Guide