Avatar and Font Help

Questions and Answers about Fonts and Avatars.

What are secret avatars? Avatars are small pictures that you can collect around the site and use on your posts. For a full list of avatars and how to get them go to my Avatar Help page.
How do I change my avatar? Go to Forums and click Avatars.Select the avatar you want to use from your list and click Update Avatar.
How do I change my font colour? Go to Forums or Maramail and click Fonts. Copy the code of the font colour you want to use and paste it the Settings boxes at the bottom of the page. You can also change your font type and size there.
What is a Glowing Egg? You can buy glowing eggs from the Glowing Egg shop in Ziranek. Glowing Eggs are also gained from Site Events and can be found in Player shops, trades and auctions. Go to your inventory and "use" the egg to put it in your nest. Then go to your nest and click on the egg to hatch it. You may need to refresh the page several times to get the egg to hatch. Each egg contains 3 colours. For a full list of glowing eggs and thier colours go to my Glowing Egg Guide.